Money Saving Tips for Buying Books in College

It's bad enough that every year, college costs continue to rise, but when you add your tuition fees, books, food and entertainment, you will quickly find out that it is quite difficult to manage your finances while attending college. Hence, in this article we will examine some of the practical ways you can save money when buying your college text books.

1. Get your textbooks early.
The trick for students to save money when it comes to buying textbooks is to get to the bookstore early. Bookstores usually offer a lower price for their used editions so if you are quick and resourceful you are bound to find great deals.

2. Shop for the books that you need online.
There are many websites that sell used books online. You can try looking at sites like and Craigslist to see if your book is for sale, just make sure that the text book that you require is of the same edition and is in good condition. Also if you are ordering it online, be sure to check the delivery by date, some books may take as long as two weeks to ship out, so beware.

3. Look at other places other than the bookstore
You can find great deals by searching off-campus bookstores, asking senior students, and by checking the notices on the school's bulletin boards. Also wait for the first week before searching for books as many students usually drop their courses and want to sell the books that they bought.

4. Buy from a friend.
This low tech solution will save you shipping fees. Find someone who's selling their books for the class you're about to take. Just check ahead of time to make sure the professor is using the same books.

5. Buy Used Editions
You can save a lot of money by buying older editions of the same textbooks. Older editions often can be bought dirt cheap online, sometimes for a penny plus shipping charges! The information between the newer and older edition is practically the same, so this is a great way of saving money.

As you can see, there's a myriad of ways by which you can save money when buying your college books.